New Year’s Resolution

My Weakness for Pastry

Each New Year I decide to work on something weather it be my weight, spending less money, eating healthier, taking more time for myself, working out more or making sure I don’t leave the dishes in the sink for too long. I think many people make similar resolutions and usually fail.

This year I have totally failed in avoiding my weakness for pastry.

I was doing really well. I had purged my kitchen of any offending items, as well as my office snack drawer. I replaced questionable snacks with healthy ones. I even made sure to bulk up on natural sugars so that I had them on hand in case I had a craving. All this was in the name of better health.

I did really well for about two weeks and then it was birthday week in my office. I went into the lunch room one day to heat up my lunch and as I stood there waiting I looked around and what did I find but a large chocolate butter cream frosted cake sitting on the table looking delicious. I told myself that I had my soup to eat, which was looking less and less appetizing.

I went back to my office and continued to work until I really needed more water. It was getting late and everyone was leaving. I had a mountain of back work to do and so I was staying well past normal office hours. The later I worked the more appealing the cake became and still I resisted. I went home that night so proud that I had not given in to my temptation. Someone else would eat that left over cake by the next day.

It seemed that many in my office had made a similar resolution to mine because the cake still sat there haunting us all. It was mocking us for our decision to avoid it as it continued to sit there looking all appetizing. I saw colleges one by one drop like flies eating their cake with a faint twinge of guilt.

Finally, in the middle of the second day I caved after siting through an hour long meeting in which nearly everyone had a tasty treat of some kind. I went to the lunch room at cut a piece of that cake and ate it.

Even though I delineated from my New Year’s resolution of eating healthily and avoiding pastry. I decided that it was just one set back. I climbed back on the healthy eating band wagon. I fall off now and again. Thus is life full of mistakes. But if we look at healthy eating, or any resolution for that matter, as a learning curve perhaps we will be easier on ourselves when we screw up. Then we can feel better about getting back up on that proverbial horse and trying again and again no matter how many times we fall off.

I guess the only new years resolution anyone can manage to keep is imperfection.