New Year’s Celebration

New year…when we hear this word suddenly a happiness prevails in our heart. After enjoying the birthday of our god we are now ready to enjoy the birth of next year. Everyone in this world will celebrate this new year. It may be a celebration to forget the past or it may be a celebration of our past victories and looking for the same in the near future. So celebration is must for the new year, but the matter is how we are going to celebrate this new-year? This new year celebration should be a unforgettable, ever-living memories in our mind.

Instead of going to Hotels enjoying parties and make drinks which will spoils our health, we can make some out-door tour especially to some sea-beach or to hilly areas where we can join with the lots and lots of people who are celebrating this new year instead of our alone celebration inside the house. We can make this trip along with our families,friends and relatives, so it will be a happiest moment that can be recorded in our life history. We can make some oath along with our family members about what to do and not during the days of next year.

We can set up some goal for our children and encouraging them to reach the goal because the goal set up for the new year will provide some kind of special enthusiasm for the children to work hard to reach their goal. We can give some special and surprise gifts to our children and life-partner to make this new year more special. These kinds of activities will strengthen our ties with our families and friends. What is there for going to the parties and taking the alcohols and dancing meaningless with someone whom you didnt know.

The next best alternative can be of going to the church and pray the god for the prosperity and welfare of the people in the upcoming year. These kinds of prayers will provide peaceful mind and removes the bad thoughts from our mind. Help those people who are not in a position to celebrate the new year. When we share the sadness it will halved and when we share the happiness it will doubled. Helping others will give the thought of satisfaction and peace to out life. what else is needed to start this new year? We have got our family members,friends, good thoughts and all above GOD will be with us. Lets enjoy this new year peacefully and great amount of gladness.

I Wish you Happy NEW YEAR!!