New Year Narrative

Are Expectations Too High for the New Year? How Should We Really Tackle Our Goals?

It’s that time of the year again; the beginning of a new year. I do not know about many of you, but I’m not fond of the end of the holiday season. Commercialism leads us to end the season as soon as the department store put up their decorations and mark down their holiday items. Christmas does not end until January 6th. Traditionally, Christmas decorations are taken down on the evening of the 5th.

January is my least favorite month and my least favorite time of the year. Cold weather without Christmas trees and lights is very depressing especially without the promise of snow. Even then, I’m sure snow can have a negative influence on one’s psyche once it has been around a while. January also means that I have eight more months until fall and the next holiday season begins again. Until then, I will do my best to look forward to spring and summer!

This time of the year is also when people decide on their resolutions. Lofty goals are more likely to fail than smaller ones. You are most likely to succeed if you “ease” into your goals. Do not expect perfection immediately. After all, fighting all your old habits all at once is similar to taking on a big paper without doing the research first. This goes with all resolutions: weight loss, money management, reading the bible in a year, etc. Be patient and continue to pursue your goals even if you trip up once, twice or countless times!

Last year, I made the decision to step on the fitness stage. I did in November. It was incredible. However, the road to get there was rough physically and emotionally. My relationships grew stronger as a result of the arguments and disagreements. This will more than likely happen with any resolution in some capacity. Life will be enhanced, improved once the storms are weathered.

I have several goals for this year and I plan to jump in with both feet.

Improve my money management with saving techniques.

Continue clean eating lifestyle.

Build muscle.

Continue to be persistent in the pursuit of my dreams.

What are your goals for 2019?